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Terms of use
1.1You can use the shop under these conditions.

2.1The order can be made by online system, by telephone, or by post.
2.2Any kind of order become binding after phone or email confirmation.
2.3Seller reserves the privilege of changing the prices. The price become binding in the moment of confirmation of an order.
2.4Once customer places the order, also accepts the Terms of use.
2.5Customer must provide contact information to complete the order.
2.6Purchase agreement becomes valid after the full payment and successful delivery of merchendise.
2.7Ordered goods becomes property of customer after full payment and successful delivery.
2.8Customer agrees with the use of its contact information only for internal purpose. See section 4
2.9Customer covers the costs of the shipment.

3.1Claims and returns follows the 66shop shopping rules and the law of Czech Republic.
3.2Customer may cancel the order upto 14 days from date of delivery. Returned merchandise must be complete with the original bill.
3.3If customer cancels order, also covers the costs of the shipment.

4.1All information about customer are keeped by the rules of Czech Republic; no 101/2000sb; only for internal purposes of the 66shop company and are not provided for third party persons. Exception is providing information needed for successful delivery. Shipping reasons only..

5.1This shopping rules become binding for the seller and the customer in the moment of the order confirmation.
5.2Contracts between the seller and customer are guided by the law of Czech Republic.


Should you have any question regarding Terms of use, please ask our salesmen: