::  Choose an item
Select items while browsing our e-shop (choose a category in left-hand menu) or search all items by keywords - type the word into the search box in left upper corner.
::  Insert items into the virtual shopping cart
Find desired item and click on the image of cart with label ADD. You can add more items to the cart. Clik on Cart link in upper menu to review edit your order.
::  Sending the order to salesmen
After checking the cart content (items and quantity) fill out the form with your contact information. Name, delivery address and email is required. You can also type in extra notice for our salesmen. Click on the "Make order" button to make the order. Than verify all entries and click on the "Confirm order" button - this step inserts your order to our e-shop order system.



::  Order confirmation
After confirming the order, the system will accept it and send a confirmation to your e-mail address. One of our salesmen will contact you shortly to confirm your order, arange shipment details and verify contact information for delivery. You can cancel your order without any additional fee unless it has been confirmed by the salesman.
::  Delivery conditions
We take advantage of the delivery services of the Czech Post. We are shipping merchandise in five days after order confirmation.


Should you have any question, please ask our salesmen: